Wendy's: Where's the Beef
Where s the Beef - YouTube
The Essentials
Year 1984
Industry Food
Notable Actors Clara Peller


This 1984 classic starts with three elderly women looking at a burger and two of them pointing out how big and fluffy the burger bun is.

There is a close-up shot of the burger as the elderly woman in the middle removes the top bun from the burger to reveal a very small burger patty with a small slice of cheese and one pickle on top. The woman on the right leans and asks, "Where's the beef?" and looks away in disappointment, as the other two women look perplexed and closely examine the small burger patty.

There is a close-up shot of the Wendy's burger (with plenty of beef) with a male narrator explaining how Wendy's burgers have "more beef and less bun," making comparisons to the Whopper and Big Mac.

The woman on the right asks "Where's the beef?" again and the commercial concludes with a shot of the Wendy's logo.