Top Chef is a PSA created by the Canadian insurance company, WSIB, in 2007. It has been infamous for scaring numerous amounts of people, including The Nostalgia Critic in his "Conquest of Commercials" video. The worst part? This commercial aired during not only primetime hours, but during shows aimed at children.

Plot Edit

The advert featured a young sous chef at an upscale restaurant, talking about her plans to become head chef and her upcoming wedding, before explaining that, because of a grease puddle that had not been cleaned up earlier, she is going to have a "terrible accident," after which she grabs a vat of boiling water, slips and takes the full brunt of the boiling liquid; she lets out a blood-curling and painful scream that makes horror films look tame, and as a co-worker yells for help, there's a split-second shot of her skin boiling, and then the picture cuts to black as her co-worker continues to call for help.

The Advert Edit

WSIB - Top Chef (2007, Canada)

WSIB - Top Chef (2007, Canada)