Plot Edit

It starts out with the Playstation logo making the synthesized whoosh sound.

It then shows a white room being lit up with a baby doll on the left side of the room, and a Playstation 3 not the right side. It then zooms individually on the PS3 and the baby while hearing noises of babies cries ambient in the background.

The baby doll's eyes open and it coos at the PS3, which it is seen in the next shot.

It shows the baby doll turning over to the PS3, and then beginning to laugh normally like a baby, and then laughing like a grown man. It then wheezes as its arms raise and then it shows a close-up of launch titles playing in its eyes as its crying real tears until the tears get sucked up and its eyes turn red.

The PS3 raises and the baby says, "Mommy mommy!" The PS3 is then shows in a close-up shot with the text, "Play beyond." at the bottom of the screen.

It then ends with the PS3 logo in a black background with synthesized cave sounds.

Goofs Edit

  • The position of the baby's arms is different, and its eyes is closed from the shot of it zooming in up close on the PS3 and the baby individually, and then the shot of it's eyes opening. Which its mouth is closed in the second scene.
  • The scenes of the individual