Coca Cola: Hey Kid Catch
Mean Joe Green Superbowl Ad- 1980 - YouTube
Kid hands Joe Green a bottle of Coca Cola
The Essentials
Year 1980
Industry Food
Notable Actors Joe Green, Tommy Okon


Mean Joe Green is hobbling to the locker room when a kid asks him if he needs any help. Green rejects the kid's offer and continues to hobble. The kid then tells Green that he is the best ever and Green responds by sarcastically saying "yeah, sure."

Suddenly, the kid offers Green his bottle of Coca Cola, which causes Green to stop and turn around to face the kid. There is a brief back-and-forth exchange, in which Joe says he doesn't want to take the bottle and the kid insists. Green finally accepts the bottle and drinks it all in one gulp. As the kid sadly walks away, Green calls out "hey kid," and tosses his Jersey to the kid. They both end up smiling.


thumb|left|Hey Kid Catch Super Bowl Commercial