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In the summer of 2019, a YouTube user named Finder Lurker had created, "Modernized" versions of the K-fee advertisements which were 30 second-long videos that featured a peaceful scene that gets briefly interrupted by a monster jumping up and screaming at the camera, potentially scaring the viewer. These are even worse than the original ones, and they would be age-restricted by YouTube because of that.

Scare Factor: Depends on the commercial.

Concert: Heart Attack. The monster jumps faster and more violently, not to mention the darkness of the concert at sunset doesn't help either.

Bike: Nightmare. The monster just falling from upside down and shaking it's head will scare a lot of children indeed, and possibly even some of your old relatives.

River: Heart Attack. The monster is hindered by the darkness due to it facing away from the sunset, which makes it scarier. Plus it scares us from upside down

Neon: Nightmare to Heart Attack. The monster now is black and white, has a dark shirt on with it's hair up in a messy bun, and also has white glowing eyes as well just makes this even more scarier.

Truck: Nightmare to Heart Attack. The Ghost-like monster just falls upside down and it seems quicker here.

Farm: Heart Attack. The one will probably scar you for life due to the fact that the monster is angry-looking and has even a darker filter as well which probably will give you nightmares for quite a long time. This is probably the scariest one out of all and is reminiscent of the ВИD of Doom logo creepypasta.

Playground: Nightmare to Heart Attack. The monster just appearing but although there's no darker filter on them, but the dark eyes that look angrier definitely makes it scarier.

Clock Tower: Heart Attack. The ghost-like demon monster falls from upside down, and plus now has glowing white circles for eyes and scaly skin as well which both don't help.

Dock: Heart Attack. The fact that the monster now also has a darker filter and obscured by the shading of the sunset as well, just simply makes this ad even scarier.

Mountain: Heart Attack. The ghost/demon creature looks scarier here due to it's glowing eyes and it appearing upside down is also scarier.


  • The person who created these commercials is American musician and animator Devin Millar.
  • These ads, except the Concert and Neon ones which were Coachella Valley, and Las Vegas, were filmed in Vancouver, Washington, USA, and random areas surrounding it.
  • The song that is heavily featured at the end of these ads (except the Truck advertisement) is called "Party" by Polish musician Sikkdope featuring American singer/rapper Lil Debbie.

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