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In April of 2005, German caffeine company K-fee released nine 20-second long television commercials as part of their Wide Awake campaign for their coffee drink. These adverts have been heavily criticized for their content and many feel that the adverts are very k-fee commercial and upsetting, though its shocking visual is built to simulate the effect that the product has on the viewer. The commercials, first recorded by K-fee, Jung von Matt and Cobblestone Filmproduktion in 2004, consisted of a peaceful scene, such as a car driving down a grassy hillside to soothing music. However, at some point in the ad, the scene gets briefly interrupted by either a zombie or a gargoyle screaming at the camera, followed by the company's slogan and product.

Each commercial had a German version and an English version, with the captions at the end in the respective language. There were also either a zombie or a gargoyle at the end of each advert. The zombie was played by American actor Brad Johnson, and the gargoyle (known as Batboy) was played by his brother, Adam Johnson. These ads were first aired on television on April 30th, 2004

First K-Fee commercial called "Car" is famous and is more commonly k-fee ad as The K-fee Car commercial

Scare factor: Depends on the commercial:

Car: Nightmare. The zombie dashing left out of nowhere and his shriek can scare a large number of people. Especially children. This is considered one of the scariest commercials ever made.

Golf: High to Nightmare, since the screamers continue. What makes even worse is that the batboy's upside down.

Kiss: Off-the-scale. The scream is even louder, making it much scarier. It's even worse if you have loud speakers.

Fishing: Low to Nightmare. Due to the zombie shrieking. Also, it comes without a warning making it even worse then the first one.

Any variant with the gargoyle: Medium to Nightmare. The gargoyle looks even creepier and uglier then the zombie

Content advisory[]

Contains a jump scare and EXTREMELY creepy imagery. Not suitable for the faint of heart.


  • WARNING: Don't watch it before you go to bed.
  • The ads were filmed in random locations around California, USA including the Fransisco Ranch, Santa Monica, Moonstone Beach, etc.
  • The sound of the scream came from
  • The music was created by ZDStarlight Music.

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