FedEx: Caveman (2006)
Fed Ex Superbowl Commercial - YouTube
Elephant steps on caveman
The Essentials
Year 2006
Industry Shipping
Notable Actors N/A


Caveman 1 is trekking through rugged terrain and he ties a package onto the leg of a Pterodactyl. The Pterodactyl takes off and while Caveman 1 is watching it fly, a Tyrannosaurus captures it and starts eating it.

Caveman 1 then walks into cave where he tells Caveman 2 that the package did not make it to its destination. Caveman 2 asks Caveman 1 if he used Fedex. Caveman 1 tells Caveman 2 that he didn't, which result in Caveman 2 firing Caveman 1. Caveman 1 tries to explain that he could not use FedEx because it does not exist yet, but Caveman 2 responds by saying that it's not his problem. Caveman 1 angrily walks out of the cave and kicks a small dinosaur before he is surprisingly stomped on by a giant dinosaur.

The FedEx logo shows up with the narrator telling the viewer to use FedEx for his/her next shipment.


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